Sue Williamson

is a director of Master of Public Administration Program at Kennedy
School, Harvard. Rather tall with short hair, she keeps smiling
with loud laughter. I met her at the orientation a couple days
before school started. I was nervous in a new environment
but she killed the butterflies in my stomach in a minute
by calling my name. She had already memorized my name!!
The students are quite diverse in the program, joining from
more than 50 countries? not sure, but anyway, sometimes it is
hard to pronounce their names, let alone memorize them.
But She does, at least for students in her program, meaning
almost 300 every year.

Today I have received her email that she is sick. Actually
cancerous tumor seems to have found and now she is facing chemotherapy.
First off, I was shocked to know this but her detailed letter
gave me more positive thought.
Very brave to write her own shocking situation and send it
not only to her close friends but to all the degree students.
Maybe all the degree students are family to her.

Now the note page was set up for Sue and
only a day, almost 100 students from all over the world
have sent a note for her.
Literally all over the world, from Israel, South Africa to France,
She is not like a world famous politician nor novelist but
obviously she has succeeded in communicating with everybody.
I really appreciated this web technology!! Just a few lines
but I was happy to be able to send some note for her
and I bet she would be pleased with all the messages and
our feelings that we want to do something for her!
Also this bulltin board reconnects us scattered all over the world.

Now really hope she is getting through her difficulty and
show us her big smile again soon.

by yokopw | 2006-02-10 00:15 | communication  

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