e-mail? cell?? or fax???

The article “Why the Web is Hitting a Wall” describes about the stalling US
internet growth.

In Japan online takeup rates, such as tax declaration or
registration, remain very low, though the government spent
huge amount of money for making online available.
It shows people don’t necessarily take
online transaction more convenient than that through the previous channels.

Recently Japanese Fair Trade Commission introduced a leniency
program, giving 100% immunity to the first informant on the
anti-trust violation and 50% and 30% reduction to the second
and the third respectively. The amendment has come into effect
since Jan. 2006. How place in the order? To avoid a dead heat,
only one facsimile line is designated and order is placed based
on the reception time.

Almost one month have passed since I finally started up my blog
site but what I have learnt is that you need to spend considerable
time and energy to utilize it.
Like the co-existence of radio and TV, internet is just adding to our options, instead of replacing the previous channels.

by yokopw | 2006-03-20 06:06 | in English  

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