Magician is a great storyteller

Went to a “magic bar” where you can have dinner
while watching simple magic
just in front of you and
found that a magician is
an accomplished story teller!!

He performed a basic magic with simple props such as
playing cards and coins. As you can imagine, he picks
a playing card I drew, takes out a card from a place
I didn’t expect and puts a coin in my pocket with nobody noticing.

Of course I stared at his hands to see through tricks,
ended up being taken in. And found that I was baffled by his talks
as well as his tricks!
He leads my focus to where he wants to have by his skillful talks.
Or takes my mind off by letting me shuffle the cards or
other interactive communication. He carefully checked
where we were watching.

This reminds me of a comment about the presentation skill
of standup comedians, saying “great standup comedians
are accomplished story tellers.”

Comedians stand up before an audience with nothing between
you and the crowds who expect you will make them laugh.
Magicians handle props with fast hands but you cannot be
surprised or enjoyed just by watching their hands. (Oh, some
magicians may do magic like a mime but I think they are telling
a story with non-verbal anyway)
The skill of his story telling makes his artful tricks work as a magic.

by yokopw | 2006-03-20 21:12 | in English  

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