Memoirs of a Geisha


It may be good as long as
you see it as a love story of 50 years ago in some Asian country.
The scene is visually beautiful and Ziyi Zhang’s performance is excellent.

But that’s all. I mean, I didn’t feel any sympathy with the movie
though it might have tried to unveil some Japanese
traditional, clandestine society.
It was not impressive to me either.
Actually I had forgotten about it
till my friend told me that it was awesome. Was it??

A lot of critics point out the lack of authenticity
due to the heavy Chinese cast.
Maybe not unrelated. Their behavior or movement
in kimono is sometimes awkward;
their Japanese is not natural, the Ziyi Zhang’s outstanding
dance is rather Chinese….a pile of minor details.

The crucial flaw, however, would be that it fails to show
the difference between prostitutes and Geisha.
Geisha is not just beauty and dance performance;
it should be more deeply rooted in the “culture,”
which might be the reason that Geisha established
a certain status with some awe.

By the way, it won the Academy awards for costume
and art direction. Fair, I think.

⇒ Happened to hear the CNN's report on the current Geisha world.
According to it, an appointment with a single maiko,
apprentice geisha, can cost as much as $1000,
a bargain considering that it costs a tea-house roughtly
$500,000 to train, clothe and house a maiko.


by yokopw | 2006-03-13 21:11 | in English  

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